Chloe Alverson ‘17 & Morgan Brown ‘17- Professional Learning Community (PLC) days, meant for teaching improvement and evaluating results, are highly anticipated in the Romeo Community School (RCS) district. They have now been cut down to a mere six each year. The sudden decrease in PLC days provides a disadvantage to students who considered every other Wednesday a break.

The entirety of the RCS district is affected by this change, but many strongly disagree with the decision.

“We should have more [PLC Days] because it makes it easier for people with work and extra-curriculars,” Alyssa Schankin ‘17 said.

The loss of extra free time aggravates most. These special Wednesday’s served as excuses for students to finish homework earlier, leaving them with extended time for after-school activities or various other responsibilities.

“Without PLC days, I’ve lost something that I looked forward to every other Wednesday,” Sarah Spuz ‘17 said.

Students aren’t the only ones upset about the loss of early release days. Some faculty members frown upon the revised PLC plan as well. Certain teachers and administrators disapprove of the loss of time that was meant for them to analyze teaching strategies.

“We have to get more done in less time,” Bridget Kowalke said.

The tragic loss of early release days affects everyone in the district. It takes away valuable time that RCS members once used for relaxing, homework, or extracurricular activities.

The first PLC day occurs on October 7th.

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