Elliott Byrd ‘22: 2020 affected many, and especially affected small businesses owners around the world. Despite these challenges, Pizza Nostalgia, a family owned Italian restaurant located in Washington township, fought through adversity and continues to serve their great food to the community. 

When looking to get a fresh slice of pizza or some immaculate Italian cuisine, Pizza Nostalgia remains one of the first restaurants that comes to mind. With in-person dining closed multiple times throughout the pandemic, restaurants adapted to find ways to survive, and Pizza Nostalgia remained no exception. 

“Since our dining room is closed for indoor service and we don’t have the option to allow outdoor seating, curbside and delivery have been a huge saving grace for us,” restaurant manager Melinda Comeau said.

The restaurant survived through the pandemic thanks to the overwhelming support the community gives the business. Other loyal customers travel miles out their way to pick up their meals curbside from the restaurant located at 57889 Van Dyke Ave. With their freshly prepared Italian dishes, it comes with no surprise that Pizza Nostalgia obtained such a loyal following.

“We have a lot of loyal customers that have made sure to order food at least once a week, some even traveling out of their way just to support us! In return, we’ve been able to support local charities and families also struggling through this pandemic,” restaurant manager Melinda Comeau said.

If you hope to support Pizza Nostalgia, there remain many outlets of doing so. 

“A few options to help us would be to purchase a gift card or meal, tipping the wait staff whose only means for currency making money is carryout orders,” Comeau said.

Next time you feel like pizza, think about ordering curbside from Pizza Nostalgia. Not only does Pizza Nostalgia taste amazing and use fresh ingredients, but you also support a great small local business and even greater people.

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