Brendan Banach ’16: It isn’t so rare for foreign exchange students to come to Romeo, but it is rare to see a foriegn exchange student start on a varsity sport.

Petar Vujovic is a rare exception.

Playing basketball since he was a ten year old boy in Montenegró, Petar has fallen in love with the sport of basketball.

Coming over from his native country to attend American high school this past fall, Petar tried out for the varsity basketball team and made it.

Not only did he make the team, Petar starts.

“It is nice playing for the high school team,” Petar said. “I was never presented the opportunity to play for my school. In montenegró we play for clubs outside. It has been cool representing my school on my chest.”

Petar’s basketball knowledge and athletic abilities have been a nice surprise to the other varsity players.

“Well he can dunk so that is a nice intimidation factor,” Paul Hurley ‘16 said.”He has helped us tremendously on both ends of the court, and we are pleased to have him on the team.”

Petar has already had a positive contribution for the Bulldogs. In his first ever high school game, Petar scored 16 points, leading his team to a 57-51 victory over Oxford High School. in a winning effort against Oxford.

“Oxford is the most memorable game so far in my American basketball career,” Petar said. “We have more good games coming as a team.”

The foreign exchange student does not just want to be good, he wants to be great. Scoring 16 points is just a benchmark on his high list of goals for this season.

“I want the team to have a great year most importantly, I want to win districts,” Petar said. “My goals for myself include helping the team as much as possible and get a scholarship for American basketball.”

Currently owning a 2-1 record, Petar and the Bulldog basketball team look to continue their early successes. The team plays Henry Ford High School tonight at 7 pm at Romeo High School.

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