Alexandria Malcolm ‘17- Balancing school and sports is a tricky act, especially when all the classes you are taking are honors or AP. Sophomore Taylor Schwartz knows this feeling firsthand. On top of being an honor roll student, this is also Schwartz’s fourth season competing in Trilogy Bigs and Middles.  

“It’s not always easy balancing school and cheer,” Schwartz said. “Especially when I have to miss school to go out of state. But when I do, I usually have time to do homework and study on the planes or in the car.”  

In addition to cheer, Schwartz is also in two MST classes and one AP class. She values her class work, and likes to focus on good work ethic.

“I always try to get my homework done on day that I don’t have cheer. Even if the project is not due until the following week, I like to stay ahead because I never known when I will have to stay late at the gym and have to push the non-urgent homework.” Schwartz said.

Schwartz took an interest in cheer and similar sports at a young age, constantly encompassing herself in the world of dance and gymnastics. As a little girl, she was always making up dance routines and using YouTube to teach herself gymnastics.

“I think that I liked the challenge of learning it myself. I didn’t really show a big interest in cheer until I came across Trilogy, but now I love it.” Schwartz said.

Her childhood interest turned into a life long love that Schwartz hopes to continue through high school and possibly after. She believes that hard work and dedication will eventually pay off, and hopes that her determination and perseverance will help shape her future.

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