McComb ‘24: Closing out the school week, the pep assembly got students and staff excited and full of school spirit. Part of the excitement came from the shortened classes, each period became sixty-six minutes long, normally eighty-eight. The last hour of school was dedicated entirely to the assembly, ending the busy Homecoming school week. It left the most important events to experience – the football game and the dances. The pep assembly gave students an hour of activities, music, dancing, and audience participation.

The Romeo Cheer Team performed first. They wowed the audience with their moves, including flips both in the air and on the mat.  The team provided a great opener for the assembly. They charged up the crowd and got everyone excited. 

The Dance Teams also performed during the hour. The girls caught everyone’s attention with their fast and precise moves. The music thrilled and pumped up the audience and they put on a great show. 

The Band played short tunes throughout the assembly. They occupied their own section of the stands reminiscent of the football games. A precursor to the Homecoming game coming that evening. 

The audience also got the chance to join in on the fun. Students ran down the bleachers to participate in the pyramid game. Teams of different grades and a team of teachers raced to build human pyramids. Sophomores put up a strong fight and won two rounds. However, the Seniors beat them in the end. Mrs. Knoblock also directed student chants for every grade. Each grade sat in their own section of the gym, so each section got their own word to yell when pointed too. Mrs. Knoblock pointed to each grade in succession forming a school spirit phrase. Both activities got the crowd involved – whether up and moving or screaming at the top of their lungs. 

The Pep Assembly provided another fun event for Homecoming week. All Highschool students, and even many teachers, got to show their school spirit and participate in some fun.

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