Morgan Brown ‘17 & Julia Knepper ‘17 — Seniors at Romeo High School embraced the new opportunity to paint their designated parking spots. The freedom to personalize the spaces was taken advantage of this week. A vulgar image was spray-painted upon a student’s designed parking space without their approval.

“We would treat any acts of defacing a parking spot as vandalism in our code of conduct,” our new vice principal, James Ellis, said. “Students in violation of this also will be liable for the cost of repairing the parking spot.”

Along with paying for repairs, students who violate the rules regarding vandalism will face consequences upon the discovery of their identity. With video footage constantly monitoring the parking lots, there is no doubt that the culprit will be found.

Although this disrespectful act may seem to hinder student’s freedoms, Ellis prevails to see responsibility among the RHS seniors and a future in the parking spot artwork.

“I think almost all Romeo students have great pride in their school and will work proactively in helping keep the parking lot program going,” Ellis said.
Ellis is proven true as the rest of the spaces portray clean and positive messages to inspire students on the way in and out of Romeo’s parking lot.

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