Cambell Geibel ‘21: The 2019-2020 school year marked the first year of Romeo High School changing locations, placing ninth graders in a separate building, and using the academy model. Although students and staff faced some difficulty getting adjusted to the many changes, they eventually acclimated to the everyday procedures. 

In order to achieve one of their main goals, preparing students for their life after high school, Romeo added an array of new career specific classes. Entrepreneurship, a class added in the past year, provides an amazing opportunity for young Bulldogs wanting to pursue a career in business. Taught by Julia Lengemann, the class allows students to help run Romeo’s first ever school store, The Dawg House.

Selling everything from Romeo apparel, such as sweatshirts and hats, to healthy snacks, the school store opens during all lunches in hopes of driving in customers with weekly sales and a growing social media presence. 

Lengemann, a long time business woman and vocational CTE teacher, oversees the whole process and leads the group, while the students deal with more of the hands-on work of running the store.

“Some of the basic responsibilities we have in the class are running the registers, doing inventory, and dealing with customers,” Mackenzie Trpcevski ‘21 said.

The experience that comes along with learning the ins and outs of managing a business in high school sets these students apart from other aspiring entrepreneurs.

“This class gives us a great opportunity because I can definitely see myself using the skills I’ve learned from this class moving forward and being interested in business as a career,“ Cameron Williams ‘20 said.

Only in its first year up and running, The Dawg House, currently runs off the original loan given by admin; however, in the next couple of years, they plan to make great profits that Lengemann hopes to invest back into the business and the students involved in its success. 

“The kids who work in the store have to be very trustworthy, responsible young individuals,” Lengemann said. “I know the top entrepreneurial students involved have a bright future in the world of business and I would love to be able to give them some scholarships at some point in the upcoming years once the store becomes a little more steady.”

Better prepared for their future, the skills students learn in Entrepreneurship and other CTE classes benefit them greatly as they grow older and pursue their dream careers.

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