Chase Arendts ‘17: Receiving All State honors is an athlete’s dream. Few athletes live this dream, but luckily five Romeo students and two co-coaches earned this honor.

Making the All State Team this year for the football team was Paul Hurley ‘16, Mitchell Heimbuch ‘16, and Brad Tanner ‘16. Co-coaches of the football team, Curt Rienas and Jason Couch received the award of Division One Coaches of the Year. The volleyball team also received All State awards, Gia Milana ‘16 went first team and Jodie Kelly ‘17 went second team.

Collecting their first All State awards, Hurley and Heimbuch, both acquiring the status of captain in the All State nominations. Hurley received All State honors for offense as a quarterback, and Heimbuch got his award on the defensive side of the ball, as a linebacker. Heimbuch also was named to the Detroit Free Press Defensive Dream Team.

Tanner was also titled the All Metro East MVP. Along with his teammate Heimbuch, he made the Detroit Free Press Defensive Dream Team. Tanner and Heimbuch have both committed to play Division 1 football at Western Michigan.

“It feels pretty good to know that I’m one of the best football players in Michigan,” Tanner said.

Making All State in volleyball was Milana and Kelly. Kelly earned All State for the first time this season, and still has her Senior season next fall to improve. Milana made all state for the third year in a row, along with other honors. Milana scored Michigan’s Miss Volleyball and the Gatorade State Player of the Year awards. Committed to Maryland to extend her athletic career, Milana graduates early this year, in order to go practice with her new team.

“It was nice to receive all state honors, but your accomplishments are the result of a team effort,” Kelly said. “This award, although it makes me proud, would not be possible without my coaches and teammates.”

Leading Team 90 to an unbelievable season, football coaches Curt Rienas and Jason Couch were named the Division One Coaches of the Year, by the Detroit News.

Coaching their team to victory, both coaches played key roles in the Bulldogs’ first state championship.

Being the first co-head coaches to ever win a state championship, Couch and Rienas made history not just in Romeo, but in the MHSAA record books.
All of these athletes and coaches worked their whole lives to achieve this recognition. These awards are now in the past, and all of their futures point towards more prestige achievements.

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