Sarah Fuzi ‘16 – It’s common to see students every day questioning their future, having to answer the question, “what are you going to do with your life?” Their brains storm wildly with ideas about college, internships, and job opportunities. But not everyone is aiming to get a job, they strive to have a career. Natasha Stevanovich ‘17 is one of those hard workers, battling with the worries of the unknown.

Wishing to become a part of the film industry, Stevanovich wishes to work on any part of a production in which someone takes a chance on her. The first step: getting her foot in the door. Then opportunities appear to further knowledge working in different areas.

Joining Romeo Theatre Company showed her what aspects of production she liked, and which she didn’t. Even though she loved the position of Head Sound Technician, Stevanovich found it more of a hobby than a career path. She realized she didn’t want to simply focus on just the sound aspect of production, she wanted to step back and work with the bigger picture.  

“In theatre, I do the sound design and I run the whole sound department,” Stevanovich said. “I put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into theatre and the experience helped me realize what I really wanted to do. Seeing the show go all the way to production, I get to see my hard work pay off.”

Over the summer, Stevanovich took her education into her own hands and decided to enroll in a screenwriting program at the University of California, Los Angeles. This program revolved around screenwriting, but also stressed the importance of other aspects of production to keep the students well versed in the art of film.

Not long after, many different internship opportunities were filling her email inbox. Opportunities arose for her to apply to work on movies produced by different branches of the ever-famous Disney Studios, including LucasFilm and Marvel.

“I feel as if I have the chance of a lifetime,” Stevanovich said, “It is amazing that there are opportunities to network and gain more knowledge for the career I wish to pursue. I’m incredibly grateful for any chance to learn I am given, especially at my young age.”

By demonstrating the drive and time to pursue what she loves, it proves that hard work pays off. Creating and adapting shows and films to inspire her audience through her passion for the art of film would be a dream come true.


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