Are the Prom- Posals being blown out of proportion?

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He Said:

Traveling in time two hundred years prior, a man proposed to a woman by sending her a pair of gloves in hopes of her wearing them next week at church. This was her way of saying yes, her way of showing her acceptance.

As evolution constantly makes everything more complex, finding a date to your high school’s last dance has become more intricate than asking for a woman’s hand in marriage.

More today than ever teens are becoming infatuated in the way they are asking, or being asked, to this one night fling.  Whether it’s balloons, flowers, candles, surprise presentations, or even popping the question on a professional sports team’s billboard, guys, and even girls are pushing the limit on the this one time question.  The way you are being asked to prom may make or break your special night, all depending on the four letter word followed by that lonely question mark.

If you don’t go above and beyond, and if the follow up pictures aren’t social media worthy, you fell short.

I wouldn’t necessarily plan on a good night with your date, and worst comes to worst you just wasted a few hundred bucks.

This high school phenomenon doesn’t stop at your Facebook’s relationship status.

No matter how long you’ve been with your significant other.

No matter if you think you’ve got it in the bag.

She is expecting that extravagant “proposal”.  If you’ve been together a week or a rare few years, don’t listen to her if she denies it.

Her friends are being asked, and as their cheesy pictures cuddled up next to their new date slowly accumulate on Instagram and Twitter, her level of envy starts to rise.  As envy turns to jealousy, and aggression, before you know it your suckerd into the hysteria of “promposals”.

So guys, have one of two options, as that big night starts to approach at a rapid pace you better choose quick, and you better choose wisely.

You can get your sappy cute shoes on, pop that charming question, and hold on as you become a guinea pig in a colorful tuxedo. Or you can take the road less traveled, becoming an anarchist you take all the pictures you can with as many different girls as you want, while flying under the radar you wait the five extra minutes until the first dance is over. And all those adorable “prom couples” who’ve spent way too much time and money on a silly question have seemingly forgotten one anothers existence, as the girls become traveling gypsies in a sea of testosterone.

Remember it’s your choice whether you pop the question or not. Regardless if you’re in a relationship or not, prom is your last dance with the people you’ve spent the last four years of your life with.  Going solo isn’t taboo, and getting rejected is just a part of life.  Do what you want and have the time of your life doing it.

You only have one senior prom.

She Said:

First of all, we are not getting married. I’m not asking you to propose to me in front of forty thousand people on the JumboTron after taking me to a Tigers game. I’m simply asking you to be cute and ask me to Prom.

So stop your complaining.

Stop your whining.

Be a man, be yourself, and ask me to Prom.

There used to be a time in which men were actually chivalrous. Where they would open doors, hold our bags, treat us to dinner, offer us your coat when we are cold, compliment us, and be loyal.

So understand that I’m really not asking that much from you.

Second of all, if you’d pay attention to me, you’d know that the simple things mean the most.

Honestly if you think about it, it was never us girls that said anything about making this whole Prom thing a huge fiasco. You boys go around with your egos trying to one up your friends making this a competition. I mean with you guys everything is a competition anyways, right?

So stop blaming your problems on all us “crazy girls” because you boys are just stupid.

Third, Nothing changes if we’ve been dating for a while thats felt like eternity.

Half a year.

One year.

Maybe 18 months.

Two years.

And in some cases, heck, 4 years. Actually it should be an even better promposal because I’ve put up with your for that long. Just because we’ve been dating, and if you ask or not, I’ll be going with you, its the gesture that makes you somewhat of a man. If I have put time, effort, and myself into us and our relationship for that long, don’t you think I deserve to be asked to Prom just as much as everyone else? So don’t assume anything my love… because remember us girls are “crazy.”

Fourth, asking us to Prom is like Valentine’s Day. No one said you had to do anything. But if you were smart you would do what you know is right, and treat your lady right. It makes us happy. And we both know, that everything goes best when I’m happy.

I’m not asking you to buy 3000 peach roses and lay them out all on the floor one by one.. well, maybe if you we were getting married.

No just kidding.

Not really though.

But.. it’s not our wedding, it’s Prom.

So stop complaining.

Stop whining.

Be a man. Be yourself. Be you. Because after all I like you for you.


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