Jenna Knepper ‘21: Two buildings that opened this summer on opposite sides of Main Street come together to create an open mic night for the Romeo Community to enjoy. Mains Treat Coffeehouse and Romeo Gold Studios opened within months of each other and both brought a fresh, new atmosphere to the streets of Romeo. 

Mains Treat is a coffeehouse that serves treats and coffee and offers a welcoming place to hangout with friends and family. Romeo Gold Studios offers music lessons to anyone interested in expanding their musical abilities. While serving completely different purposes, these two businesses decide to collaborate and create something special. 

Owner of Romeo Gold Studios, Sean Earle recalls his initial meeting with the owners of Mains Treat coffee and the immediate connection that was formed. 

“When I met the owner of the Coffeehouse, it was almost as if we both already knew that open mic was something we would eventually be doing. I was motivated to organize the event to help give Romeo Gold Studios students an opportunity to practice their performing skills in a laid back environment,” said Earle.

The open mic night is held at Mains Treat Coffeehouse every other Sunday night from 6:00 to 9:00pm and serves two purposes of exposing musical artists and creating a welcoming environment for anyone who wants to listen.

“Open mic is an event where performers can register to have the stage to use as they wish. Main’s Treat seemed to love hosting all the creative talents of their community,” said Earle.

Romeo Gold Studios and Mains Treat Coffeehouse welcome anyone of any age or range of talent to come out and share their passion with the community. 

“Most performers are musicians, however, magicians, pots, comedians, and even balloon artists, are all welcome. Performers are easily able to sign up to perform at one of our bi-weekly open mic events on our”

If you or anyone you know wishes to share their talents and gifts on a welcoming stage, sign up today to experience one of Romeo’s newest and most entertaining attractions.

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