Claire Fraeymen ’14 – Feature Editor

When asked about Mr. Leitzel, many students mention his fidelity, intelligence, and helpfulness. Teaching Algebra II and senior math requires dedication and Mr. Leitzel makes certain each individual student understands the material and feels confident in what they are learning. For these reasons and more, Mr. Leitzel is the November 2013 Staff Member of the Month.

“Being Staff Member of the Month is a huge honor because I am a relatively new teacher at Romeo and there are plenty of great teachers here that I have learned a lot from over the years,” Leitzel said.

Mr. Leitzel’s journey embarked when he attended Oakland University to become a teacher. Followed by his four years in college was a year of student teaching at Dakota High School. Leitzel then received his first teaching job at Romeo High where he has been working since the fall of 2007.

“Teaching at Romeo has been a great experience and it is nice to see teens getting involved in community service through Charity Week and the Watchdog events,” Leitzel said, “The students inspire me.”


Mr. Leitzel takes pride in his students. He understands and appreciates hard work. What sets Leitzel apart from his colleagues is his commitment to support students individually. He aids students one-on-one in the classroom. He sacrifices his own time to tutor after school.

“I love the opportunity to work with high schoolers and I appreciate hard workers,” Leitzel said. “As a teacher it’s about the little things- working with students one-on-one, building relationships, even attending graduation.”

Administrators, fellow teachers, and students commend and congratulate Mr. Leitzel on his well-earned award.

Khadeejah Ahmed ’14 – News Editor

When students at RHS think of a teacher that is professional, unselfish, dedicated, effective, a friend, and a teacher that puts students before themselves, they think of Mr. LeBlanc.

“I try to approach my students like they are my family. I want the same success for students as I want for my own kids, ” LeBlanc said.

Ronald LeBlanc teaches U.S History, Government/Economics, and Marketing for approaching eight years now. He devotes himself to the students at Romeo High School

beyond the classroom, unifying his passion with theirs. LeBlanc is involved in DECA, Global Trade Mission, Teen Court, head of the Marketing Department at RHS, in addition to being on the State Curriculum Board for Integrating Economics into Marketing Program.

“I love when students obtain success whether that is in the classroom or at a competition for DECA or GTM,” LeBlanc said. “I appreciate when the students see the real life experiences that we learn in class and they come to the realization that they have the ability. I like seeing the light turn on, the smiles, the ‘holy cow, I can do this.’ I want them to know they are more capable than what they believe.”


Mr. LeBlanc started at Eastern University School of Business in Entrepreneurship. He built armored vehicles and sold tanks to other countries and the Marine Corps for some time. Later he received his masters in business at Walsh College. LeBlanc had always wanted to be a teacher and after earning his teaching certificate at Wayne State, he started working at Romeo High School.

He is married, whom he met playing shortstop while she played second base,  and has two daughters, Amanda and Jacqui, who attend Hevel Elementary.

“My biggest passion outside of school would have to be golf, I enjoy golfing with the family because my girls are starting to golf,” LeBlanc stated. “I enjoy doing things around the house. I enjoy spending time with friends watching sports. My girls can be seen at numerous Romeo events. I enjoy taking my kids and going to the events to watch all students, I enjoy watching them [students] grow and seeing them accomplish things.”

With the Staff Member of the Month award, LeBlanc humbly knows that it is his students that define his success.

“I am absolutely honored, because my success came from the students that were in these organizations,” LeBlanc said. “My recognition comes from the students that perform in these organizations. Their efforts and success. It’s really an award for them.”

Congratulations Mr. LeBlanc for all your accomplishments and successes!

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