Megan Bieganski 18’ & Kayla Kieleszewski 18’- Becoming a high schooler can be a very exciting experience. Joining the student section to support the school’s athletic teams is just one of the fun things to do. Everyone looks forward to their senior year, being the “big dawgs”. However, not everyone gets the opportunity to be the leader of their school’s student section like Nolan Kare ‘17.

Supporting Kare at the head of the “Dawg Pound”, seniors Brett Lanski, Thomas Gardner, Trevor Houghton, Jason Blondeau, Andrew Cate, Jacob Petri, Jonathan Tabenske, Evan Ballinger and Frank Ruffino help lead the section

Shouting cheers, Nolan and the rest of the “Dawg Pound” get the fans and the players “hype” through different chants and collaborative movements.

“My favorite part about leading the student section would have to be the roller coaster,” Kare said. “It really gets the crowd going.”

As a hockey state champion, Kare understands how much the crowd motivates the players to perform well.

Although the cheers are important, the theme gets just as much attention.

“Me and the rest of the guys decide what the theme will be for that week’s game,” Kare said.

The most popular themes include, red outs, black outs, white outs, and beach theme!

Starting at goalie for the hockey team, Kare needs to pass down the duty to another student once hockey season starts.

Kare is prepared for each and every game and can’t wait to keep cheering on the beloved bulldogs. “I am really looking forward to the rest of the season and hope to see a repeat,” Kare said.

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