Giulianelli ‘22: Every Friday the Dawg Pound never fails to show school spirit. Always getting the crowd on their feet and cheering on the football team. 

Leader Jozef Modlinski ‘22 chose Noah Lackowski ‘22 to represent the “U” in the Dawg Pound. “At first I was nervous but glad to have been chosen. It made me excited for all the football games this season,” Lackowski said. 

Nine senior boys represent the Dawg Pound, spelling out the word “B-U-L-L-D-O-G-S-!”.

Getting chosen to participate in this group excites every member. A few seniors get selected to hype the student section up at the football games and Lackowski seems happy to contribute to it. 

Football games always fill the audience with excitement and give everyone something to look forward to each and every week. “The best thing about football games would have to be all the support from the student section. Not only that but the love people show for the sport and how much they care about it,” Lackowski said. 

The Dawg Pound creates so many unforgettable memories. They not only bring so much school spirit, but they make the environment of the Dawg Pound extremely welcoming and fun for everyone. 

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