Emi McCullough ’22: A part of the school’s commitment to the academic models, the class of 2024 begins to sign their commitment to graduate, a tradition upheld here at Romeo since the start of the Ninth Grade Academy.  

Each year the freshman class signs their names on a banner, making a commitment to graduate high school. Events like this helps the students understand their long term goals and to visualize what they work towards. 

Melissa Arendts, the principal at the Ninth Grade Academy, finds it important for students to maintain goals. This commitment to graduation ceremony provides a symbolic way for students to pledge their commitment to graduate in four years. 

“We have many events throughout the year for our students, this is just one of those events. It really is our favorite because this is why we are here. It is such an amazing feeling watching our students cross the stage in four years,” Arendts said. 

Making the commitment to graduate means a lot to the students, in many different ways. Some students see this opportunity as motivation, a promise, and even a way to connect with their piers. 

Addison Rienas ‘24 signed the commitment to graduate, and with doing so she realized how much the school wants their students to succeed. 

“Signing this commitment made me realize that our community in Romeo cares a lot about their students and it also made me feel more connected to everyone throughout my grade level,” Rienas said. 

The commitment to graduate lets the students create goals to strive for, look to the future and make decisions that best benefits them. 

Serenity Jordan ‘24 makes a promise to herself that she will graduate in four years, through the commitment to graduate. She finds this promise and dedication for her future a huge deal that must be kept. 

“Making a goal to graduate is a huge part of everyone’s life. Everyone should make a goal to graduate even if they think they won’t make it through high school. High school is everyone’s dream going to prom and meeting new people, but the biggest dream of me is graduating with all my friends and family there,” Jordan said. 

The commitment to graduate proves very successful for the students here at Romeo. The failure rate (Students with one or more Fs in their ninth grade year) dropped considerably since the start of the Ninth Grade Academy. 

Because of the success of the Ninth Grade Academy, the commitment to graduation ceremony will continue to take place for the freshman class.

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