Myers ‘22: The Dawg Pound continues to lead the student section for as long as many students remember. Our Dawg Pound spells out “bulldogs”, represented on eight painted senior boys. Nicco Destefanis ‘22 starts off with the letter “B.” One of the things that most excited Destefanis for his senior year: his inclusion in the Dawg Pound.

Destefanis, left overwhelmed in excitement taking part in such an amazing group, shared his feelings of hyping up every student at football games. “I love to be a leader, not to mention leading the student section,” Destefanis said.  

Jozef Modlinski ’22, the 2022 Dawg Pound leader, chose Destefanis to represent the letter “B”. Getting chosen to represent the student body, while always a huge accomplishment, also acts as a big compliment. Students know how much courage it takes to lead a large group of people. In each member’s eyes, adding value to the Dawg Pound means different things. 

“Playing a big role supporting the football team is something I’ve always loved to do. Representing my friends on my back is something I’ve been waiting for forever,” Destefanis said.

The Dawg Pound creates a great group of friends who love to use their school spirit in new and creative ways. Creating enthusiastic energy and holding high positive attitudes creates just the beginning to leading the pound. These emotions come from many sources when it comes to creating the hype atmosphere.

“I think what makes me the most hype is when you can hear every single grade cheering and when the football team charges the fence before the game,” Destefanis said.

The Dawg Pound forever holds one of the many things that make watching Romeo football games and sitting in the student section so much fun!

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