Seamans ‘24: The National Honor Society (NHS) and National Technical Honor Society (NTHS) creates a goal for many of the students at Romeo, to show their leadership skills, character, and service. NHS and NTHS recently inducted their new members to the society at the Induction Ceremony on Monday, November 1st. 

Matthew Himmelsbaugh ‘23 attended the induction ceremony. “We had assigned seats, they would call up your row so I could sign the book. We signed a book and then took an oath,” Himmelsbaugh said. He looks forward to “volunteering because it will be a new experience for me.”

Sarah Zwiez ‘23 also participated in the induction ceremony, but in the NTHS portion. “I enjoyed the induction ceremony because it helped us to see our accomplishments and get recognized for our hard work,” Zwiez said.

Zwiez as well as everyone else at the induction ceremony loved taking part in this event because, “we were all congratulated for being accepted into NTHS. We also received a certificate and a tassel for graduation”. Zwiez said.  

NHS and NTHS covers the skill set of serving and selflessness. Year after year they serve throughout their community looking for ways to assist the ones around them. NHS and NTHS ready to welcome new members to their society, welcomes all new members through an amazing ceremony spotlighting their achievements.

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