Brandon Motoligin ‘17: The NFL draft which begins Thursday, April 27th and ends Saturday, April 29th is quickly approaching. After countless mock drafts it is still not clear who the Detroit Lions will select. A few students from RHS were asked their opinion on who the Lions should take in the upcoming draft.

Q: What player should the lions draft in the first round?

A: Padyn Kesselring ‘19: TJ Watt, Linebacker from Wisconsin
A: Mitch Milam ‘17: Kevin King, Cornerback from Washington
A: Nick Quasarano ‘17: Corey Davis, Wide Receiver from Western Michigan

Q: Should the Lions focus more on offense or defense in the draft?

A: “We have one of the most explosive offenses in NFL we need to focus on defense in the draft,” Kesselring said.
A: “Defense, we know our offense can win us games late,” Milam said.
A: “Offense make it better than it already is,” Quasarano said.

Q: Do you expect the Lions to have a good draft?

A: “Depends on what they do first round, they need a star player,” Kesselring said.
A: “Kind of hard to have a good draft with 21st pick but team has been trending in good direction,” Milam said.
A: “I think they will have a average draft,” Quasarano said.

Tune into Espn tonight at 7 to watch the first round of the NFL draft to see who the Lions will decide to take with the 21st pick.

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