Elizabeta Lulati ‘19: As we get closer to the end of second semester, new changes become evident for the students at Romeo High School next year. Students experience new classes, different pathways, and a different school day schedule. Some might argue that the regular six hour schedule seems more beneficial. However, others think that this new change benefits students learning education at Romeo High School.

The new change gives students and teachers an opportunity to finish their homework and grade assignments.

“Students will take the electives they wish they always could but never got the chance because it was either too full or just didn’t work with their schedule,” Mrs.Knoblock, teacher at Romeo High School, states.

With the new schedule, the students get to go to their core classes three times a week instead of the usual five times a week. Teachers love the new change such as Mrs. Roulo because it’s easier for her to complete classroom labs due to the longer periods of the class time.

This not only benefits the teachers of Romeo High School but also the students. They get more time to focus on certain areas right after school. Instead of all six classes students attend four classes per day, their core classes and their elective classes. Students get the opportunity to choose another elective that interests them.

Ella Schultz ‘22  seems excited for the years to come and for the newer opportunities.

“Being the first incoming freshman to experience the normal schedule while having the ninth grade academy was a really cool thing. Also now to have different classes opening up for many other opportunities in the future will have beneficial effects for us when we go to college too,” Schultz said.

Cassandra Telly’ 20 seems ready to start her senior year with a positive outlook on the new changes being made.

“Not having each class every day will help us study more and focus on certain areas we never got to even if there’s more time added on the rest of our day,” Telly explains. “I’m already so excited for how my schedule will be set up for next year because I genuinely am interested in all my classes. I wouldn’t mind having a longer schedule if I enjoy my classes.”

Students seem eager to see improvements in their grades compared to the prior years before, although additional changes added time to each class.  As for the teachers this benefits them in multiple ways like getting to see their students improve and having more time to teach and grade during or after school.

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