Allyson Berrios ‘20: Once upon a time, back in the year of 2013, there were only desktop computers and hand written assignments. This would be the year everything would change, in some classes students will never see a paper assignment, no more having to wait until the next day to ask the teachers a question, and no more forgetting about an assignment. Romeo Community Schools gave every student, grades 6-12, a Chromebook. It was a technology explosion. The majority of students loved having this new tool to expand their learning. It was so much more convenient for some, others missed the pencil and paper. Fast forward four years and Chromebooks have become a successful mode of production for students in the Romeo school district. Others were struggling getting used to the change and missed the standard pencil and paper. They made students life easier; they could type, email, search, read, and more. Life became increasingly efficient with the Chromebooks as they aided to each student’s educational experience.  

This computer had everything. Every student had their own Google account with a drive to store all their assignments as well. Also, with a gmail set up by the school, it was a convenient way to communicate with all teachers and all students. It’s an easy way to manage and keep up with grades as well. After four years of having this Chromebook, it started to get out dated and students wanted an upgrade. Romeo knew this complaint was true and every student needed a new and improved Chromebook. This year every students wish came true and they replaced everyone’s old Chromebook with a new and improved Dell Chromebook.

Emme Collins, a junior at Romeo High School, has a strong dislike towards the new Dell Chromebooks.  

“I don’t like the new Chromebooks, I want the old one back,” Emme Collins ‘19 said. “I don’t like anything about it, they are way slower and they feel cheap. The case is too bulky and gross, and I don’t like the texture, if I could take it off I would.”

On the other hand, students like Hunter Garrisi a Senior at Romeo High School, really enjoy the new Chromebook.

“I like it better than the last one, the battery life is much better and the keyboard is better, the keys don’t pop out so I can type faster,” Hunter Garrisi ‘12 said. “I like the case because I drop my Chromebook a lot so it will save me from damaging it.”

Overall, the new Dell Chromebook has raised a lot of eyebrows within Romeo High School. Someone who loves or hates them, the students of the Romeo Community are certainly fortunate they have Chromebooks in their possession.

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