Ava Vendittelli ‘22: If your social media feed becomes bland, Band-Ayd Event Group created the perfect spot for you to spice up your photos: the Selfie Shop. A ‘selfie shop’ contains themed rooms or booths which allows people to create unique photos and other content. This interesting idea set a wave for the new trend of selfie shops in Michigan, collecting interest from residents all over the Metro Detroit area.

Madison Heights’ Selfie Shop consists of 14 rooms, each with a unique theme. Upon entering Band-Ayd’s Selfie Shop, expect to be greeted by things such as flashing neon lights, disco balls, payphones, and a series of colorful rooms. Each booth provides a unique theme in order to offer something appealing for everyone. The small themed booths come paired with an LED ring light to ensure the best quality pictures.

“I liked the experience and had a really good time, the photos turned out really good with the lighting they had there. And they had a lot of different themes you could pick from to get your perfect picture,” Kaylynn Johnston ‘22 said.

According to an article written by the Detroit Free Press, owners Mika and Steve Vanderheyden say the idea was inspired by seeing the loss of creativity in content creators. To them, seeing the drain that 2020 had on people’s creativity and passion became devastating. So, they created an outlet for those looking to feed their creativity and individuality.

In order to create each fascinating room, Mika Vanderheyden found the perfect additions with many trips to the thrift store. Items such as clocks, gumball machines, and old phones all became part of amazing thrift store finds. Not only does upcycling items create a fun look, it also allows old items to find a new purpose.

“Each room had such a different theme, they were all so interesting and had a lot of detail and effort put into them. There was definitely something for everyone,” Kylie Glowczewski ‘23 said.

To protect yourself and others, as well as remain COVID-19 safe, the Selfie Shop installed sanitizing stations throughout the warehouse as well as requiring customers temperatures be taken at the door. It is also required that customers wear a mask when not in the photo booth.

In order to take your own photos in one of the unique rooms, head over to their website ‘www.band-ayd.com’ to book a time slot. For a 30 minute session, the ticket price is $25 per person. If you become interested in a longer session, the Selfie Shop offers an hour long session for $40 per person.

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