Cambell Geibel ‘21: On November 29th, Romeo Community Schools announced a new option regarding controls and limitations placed on school-issued devices. Previously controlled by administration only, the Securly protection program puts blocks on inappropriate websites and restricts students from viewing certain sites during school hours in order to stay focused on school work. In an article released on the RCS website, securly now offers guardians the opportunity to download a free app or sign up online to receive updates on their children’s online activity.

“Romeo Community Schools uses Securly to keep students safe on their school-issued devices. As part of the solution, we have given you access to the free Parent Portal and SecurlyHOME app. If your e-mail address is entered in PowerSchool, you received a “Welcome Email” from Securly, and you will be able to download the App. You’ll also receive a weekly email report each Monday containing a sample of your child’s online activity from the previous week,” the article released by the RCS website said.

This new Securly feature available to parents gives them the chance to keep Romeo students safe online. For more information on these new options and how to get started, visit

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