Cambell Geibel ‘21: With Thanksgiving break right around the corner, the students at Romeo High School look forward to getting a break from homework and tests. Throughout the year students in Romeo enjoy several short breaks, taken around holidays and important events. This year Romeo changes the break schedule around a little bit, adding a total of three school days at the end of the year and pushing back the last day from June 8th, last year, to June 12th. this year. These three extra days at the end of the school year come from the school district giving Martin Luther King Jr. Day off and adding two days off to the districts Mid-Winter break in February.

These additional days off throughout the year prove beneficial to most, spent having fun and resting up to come back even more focused after the break. These days provide an escape from the tremendous stress students suffer from when dealing with deadlines, teachers, and exams.

“Sometimes knowing that I get a break soon is the only thing getting me through school, I feel like they are essential,” Ava Tocco ‘20 said.

While many students celebrated upon hearing the news of the additional days off in the school year, others stay not as thrilled. These students don’t want to stray from the schedule they saw no problems with last year. Their main issue remains in losing three days of their summer. The valuable time spent swimming, hanging with friends, and sleeping in, all stripped away from them. All for three insignificant winter days where they stay shut up inside their homes, away from the cold and snow.

“I would rather just follow the schedule from last year because I want to have as many days of summer possible,” Nolan Clifton ‘21 said.

With the changes to the schedule set in stone, both those who approve and disapprove surely look forward to making the most out of the extra days taken off throughout the school year.

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