Macy Manchester ‘18: Returning to school after summer break, new rules and changes around the school greeted students at the door. Starting this school year, the main issue students are concerned about are the parking changes. Continuing tradition established in 2015, this year’s seniors painted their designated parking spots, however, every spot in the high school’s main parking lot is available for Seniors. Even for the Seniors that choose not to paint a spot, they still have the ability to park in the back parking lot, in an unpainted spot. For underclassmen and Juniors, the skatepark located behind the practice football field and Memorial Field located on Morton Street are available to park their cars, however only certain Juniors are allowed to park at the skatepark, based on a raffle drawing. The remaining students are being asked to park at memorial field.

With the updated changes, also brings confusion and challenges that take some getting used to. In the mornings, traffic rose from the previous years and the time to get to the high school for students increased. These changes are the results of the building for the “new school” located at 29 and Jewell road, limiting parking for RETC students. This situation is forcing them to park in the high school parking lot. Students that are half day RETC are required to shuttle back and forth from schools, via bus, to attend classes at the technical center. All day RETC students are the only ones permitted for a parking spot at the RETC.

Frustrated, all day Romeo High School Senior, Beneditto Bono expresses his opinions about the traffic issues.

“The mornings are always crammed and it has become a challenge to get in and out of the parking lot,” Bono ‘18 said. “We definitely need more parking spots because I have to wake up way earlier which makes me very mad.”

Along with the other changes coming to Romeo, the high school introduced a “Freshman Academy” in the 300’s hallway, otherwise known as the orange hallway. The 2017-2018 freshman are mainly isolated to that hallway for their classes to make it easier to navigate the school and start to present the future of Romeo High School as an academy.

Freshman, Isabella Ames, enjoys the new Freshman academy.

“I like the new freshman hallway, however I wish I had more classes around the school to be more involved in what’s happening,” Ames ‘21 said.

Romeo Community Schools is excited for the new and upcoming changes, while students are urging to see what Romeo has to offer for their future.

Update (1/12/18): Haley Golembiewski ‘20 & Megan Ferguson ‘19:  Construction for the new Romeo High School continues as workers establish plumbing and the beginning works of framing with structural steel and masonry work. Set to be completed by the fall of 2019, the new building is currently on track to being finished.

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