Alexandria Malcolm ‘17 & Sydney Raines ‘17- Leading up to school, students worried about pencils, classes and clothes, while teachers concerned themselves with whether or not their lessons plans would stay on schedule. The last thing on anyone’s mind was the cleanliness of the school.

As students returned to school on September 6th, paper and trash still littered the floor from last school year, the hallways looked as though they were not touched, and gnats loitered the lunch room.

Unbenounced to many RHS students, at the beginning of last school year, Romeo switched from contracting our janitors to hiring out a company, GCA Services. According to their website, ¨GCA Service Group Inc, is a leading national provider of quality facillity services, including janitorial/custodial services.¨

“I feel like administration really needs to make sure that we add more janitorial staff, because I feel like our janitorial staff is overworked and there isn’t enough of them to fully clean the building to the expectations that we have. And also to make sure that all the tasks that are assigned are getting done because I think there maybe a lack of communication on what is expected to be getting done and what is getting done,” German teacher Mrs. Page said.

Surprising everyone on the first day back from summer vacation, students found the bathrooms unusable.

Romeo High School relies on two main water pumps to bring water throughout the entire school. When one of the pipes burst Tuesday afternoon, the water pressure dropped. As students left for home, janitors dug deep to find the cause of the low water pressure.

The staff of RHS, especially our custodians and building and grounds workers, were extremely responsive and worked quickly and efficiently to get this problem resolved as soon as was possible,” Principal Osebold said.

Open for business Wednesday morning, the bathrooms appeared to be fixed.

To combat the problem, custodians were forced to wait outside each bathroom in the west wing and flush them hourly.

Although, this cost saving method works for the schools budget, having to attend a school that isn’t clean sparked commotion within our community. One student even went publicly on Channel 955 to speak of the recent bathroom problems concerning Romeo.

“I just thought it would be funny to call in and talk about the toilets. I really think we belong to an awesome school, but our facilities (bathrooms) need work,” Erin Silverthorn ‘17 said. “Students should be able to have access to a clean bathroom that doesn’t have mounds of toilet paper in the toilet.”

Not all blame falls on the heads of our janitors. With the school being 131 years old at the start of this school year and its large size, it is quite obvious that we require much more than five janitors staffed at RHS and two at RETC.

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