Khadeejah Ahmed- News Editor

On Tuesday, September 10, 2013, there was an informational parent meeting at the RETC building to learn about the upcoming 2013-2014 grading policy.A 16-person Effective Grading Practices Study Group reviewed Romeo High School’s grading system. After meeting from September to June the focus group discussed and reviewed many different grading policies. It was then determined the district would move from a seventy-thirty grading policy to a ninety-ten grading policy, 90% summative assessment and 10% formative assessment.

Throughout the course of the evening parents were divided in their opinions regarding the change in approach.

Some parents are on board with the new policy, supporting the results-driven outlook.. “I’m more interested in the summative…(it) tells me do you get it or don’t you, and if you have mastered it, because that’s what’s important. I did ask my sons, ‘does this concern you?’ They said no because you need to measure what they’ve learned summatively,” said Doris Neumeyer, a Romeo Parent.

However, others think the system still has flaws, with parents citing concerns over the possible effect of the new grading system on their children’s grades. “They don’t have the plan all figured out yet, and they are already implementing it. They should bring it into the middle school where grades don’t matter. My daughter is a junior and she [is] concerned with maintaining her grades,” said Phil Smith, a Romeo Parent.

As the policy becomes familiar to the students, parents, teachers, and administrators, Romeo administrators ask for the continued support of the community. “I really want you to walk this path with us, and let us know if something doesn’t seem quite right,” said Dr. Nancy Campbell, Superintendent.

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