Jenna Knepper ‘21: Excitement rises as new changes in Romeo come just around the corner. Romeo High students not only transfer to a new building next school year, they also get the opportunity to take new classes.

Recently, students chose what academy they wish to join next year in hopes of setting them up for a successful college and lifetime career. Their academy makes the information they learn include examples and ideas that correlate with their interests.

“The main reason we are adding new electives is to create new classes that will match up with the new academies next year” said Romeo High School counselor, Mrs. Fountain.

Some of these new electives include Forensic Science. Geared towards the Law and Criminal Justice pathway, this course allows students to dive into problem solving using skills like fingerprint identification.

“Forensic science is the perfect class for the Health and Human services academy. Whether you are going into a Criminal law or Medical pathway, this class is a great addition for many students” said Fountain.

Romeo High School also adds a European and World Affairs course that benefits those who want to learn about current news. This class entails engaging debates and interesting topics that many students relate to.

“International Business and travel is another great new elective for students in the business academy” said Fountain. “This course might teach things like the beginnings of other languages or how to act in another country.”

“Street law is a really good class for people who want to be a police officer or in another criminal law career. This class will take the systems of Justice course and kind of grow off of that as a full year social studies elective” said Fountain.

The final addition to Romeo High School’s classes, Statistics, creates a helpful step for those who want to enroll in AP Statistics. Working with real world examples, this class helps students solve math problems and analyze large quantities of data.

Through all the new choices that Romeo gives students next year, classmates receive the best possible opportunities to create a successful future for all Romeo High School students.

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