Joelle Pfeil ‘17 – As a result of a bond passed at the end of last year, Romeo Community Schools is set to receive a fleet of new buses to revitalize the transportation in the district. This is much needed; as of right now, Romeo Community Schools has 15 “rejected” buses, 6 “unsatisfactory” buses, and 23 “satisfactory” rated buses, according to statistics on

Slowly, the district is receiving the new buses, but the day when they’re all brand new cannot come soon enough. Students, although thankful for a mode of transportation to and from school each day, often complain that the buses are terrible. Working heat, smooth-gliding windows, nice seats, and a sense of overall cleanliness are characteristics of the new buses that the old buses are unfortunately lacking. The theater company and sports teams know first hand how lackluster the old buses truly are.

“Every year that I’ve gone to Thespian Festival, we’ve taken regular old school buses,” Mackenzie Sprecher ‘16 said. “My sophomore year in particular was terrible. On the way to Thespian, the buses were so cold, we were cuddled up with people we barely knew. The windows were broken, so the cold air rushed in from the outside and icicles formed inside the bus. Half of our troupe got sick, including those who had to compete the next day. It was the same way on the way home, maybe even worse. Overall, it was horrible.”

As for the new buses, they are very much desired by anyone who takes the bus to school, or extracurricular activities.

“The new busses are much nicer and a lot more comfortable to ride,” Alexandria Locke ‘17 said.

For many students, the bus is the only mode of transportation to and from school; for them, the new buses cannot come soon enough. For more information and statistics on Macomb County school buses, visit the link below.

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