Chloe Alverson ‘17, Julia Knepper ‘17, Sarah Spuz ‘17, Morgan Brown ‘17

As students transition into a new year, RHS welcomes several new staff members. Jim Ellis, assistant principal, Mike Savage, a RETC science teacher begin the school year in their new      educational positions. Joined by both Debbie Fraleigh and Kim Ozella as counseling secretaries. New custodians and hall monitors roam the halls as well.

Fraleigh, a recent recruit in the counseling office, is no stranger to the community. Having previously worked as a building secretary in Romeo Middle School, she is familiar with the atmosphere of the district.

“Things have been very hectic in the past few days, because there’s so many more students here than at the middle school,” Fraleigh said, when asked about her transition to RHS.

With the chaos of new enrollments in the beginning stretch of the year, she has been heavily occupied. Although her start at the high school has been frenzied, she looks forward to working with older students.

Also added into the mix is Mike Savage, incoming RETC teacher. Teaching Honors Biology, AP Biology and Applied Lab he strives to familiarize himself with the new job.

“[I’m] getting used to how everything works with all the new students, new building, new everything pretty much,” Savage said.

The acquired assistant principal, Ellis, is not new to the education system. Having worked as an athletic director and teacher in other school districts, Ellis claims he is determined to, “learn the Romeo way.”

“Everyone here has been very helpful,” Ellis said.

New and old, the staff stands together to pull off another successful year.

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