Adam Sebastian ‘19: With the devastating occurrences regarding the Dr. Larry Nassar case in the rear view mirror, and future consequences on the forefront, Michigan State University now begins their extended search for a new Athletic Director as well as a new University President. The happenings of these past month tarnish Michigan State’s name as well as their brand for decades to come. These horrific incidents affect the University across multiple platforms beyond the athletic department. It changes not only the way individuals perceive the University but also the incoming freshmen class and future collegiate freshman looking to apply to the University.

“I think [this problem] will be a problem at Michigan State for five to ten years,” Josh Alverson ‘19 said.
Alverson loves the idea of attending Michigan State, but admits the recent occurrences raise speculation about the trustworthiness and ethical morals of the University.

“I think people will have concerns because they could think the recent Nassar case could happen to people around them or even worse themselves,” Alverson said.

The perception of the University deteriorated greatly among the general population with this new perception including the qualities of mistrust and apprehension towards the University. Most people believe the University’s necessity to fill positions left vacant, by recent resignations and firings, prove troublesome for Michigan State.

“No one will want to take any medical positions at Michigan State for at least five to ten years,” Brandon Owens ‘19 said.

The possibility of heavy sanctions effects student opinion of the University because of the possibility of the loss of potential NCAA tournament bids and NCAA bowl bids. Although not official yet, the possibility troubles students looking forward to showing their school pride on the biggest stages of collegiate level sports.

With the possible NCAA consequences standing in front of the University, the worst of the consequences, in fact, possibly include the loss of applicants due to the devastating events strangling the University and paralyzing the perception of Michigan State.

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