Kayla Kieleszewski ‘18- Combining strong passion and dedication will never fail to result in a thriving career. Teachers behold the responsibility of shaping the education of future generations. The job of a teacher is so important in our society. Every year, the “Teacher of the Year” award is granted to one all-deserving teacher in the school.

Ms. Kristine DeVaux was nominated by her fellow co-workers for 2016 “Teacher of the Year.” DeVaux constantly puts forth dedicated work ethic and compassion for what she does.

Altogether, DeVaux has taught for 23 years including 19 years at Romeo High School. DeVaux truly loves her career. She realized teaching was the route for her when Ms. Seelbinder, her grade school Spanish teacher, demonstrated a profound example of a teacher.

“She was so ‘together,’ and I learned so much from her, Devaux said. “She was also fun-loving, tried new things, and taught my favorite class– Spanish.”

At 16 years old, upon relocating to a new school and growing in independence, DeVaux began to tutor others students, and soon recognized she could continue this skill in the future.

“I realized how wonderful it is to be able to adjust the way a topic is presented to help someone understand,” DeVaux said. “Most teachers call that the ‘light bulb’ or ‘ah-ha’ moment. It’s awesome.”

Ms. DeVaux loves all aspects of her job.

“I love getting to know so many people and be a part of their lives. I love being able to help students do/understand something they could not before. I love being able to stop teaching each spring, spend the summer revising and improving activities, and then start fresh in the fall. I love the fact that my students teach me something new almost every day. I love the way there is never a dull day, I always have to stay on my toes. I love my co-workers,” DeVaux said.

In the past, DeVaux taught multiple different subjects such as Spanish, Financial Management, Personal and Family Dynamics, Speech, Human Growth and Development, Teacher Cadet, ELL Support and also instructed Driver’s Education. It’s clear to say, DeVaux enjoys taking the leadership role and applying her knowledge to better the people around her.

Someone as devoted to their job as Ms. DeVaux deserves all the gratitude possible. After discovering she was the awarded, “Teacher of the Year,” DeVaux embraced many emotions.

“I was surprised, happy, and very humbled,” DeVaux said.

DeVaux felt an indescribable sense of honor, considering all the other RETC and High School teachers that nominated her.

“The fact that people I look up to as amazing teachers nominated me, puts this award solidly on the top ten list of compliments I have been given in my life,” DeVaux said. “We all work so hard, harder than anyone who is not an educator can guess. Every member of the faculty and staff deserves recognition for the work he or she does to build the RHS/RETC community.”

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