Taylor Demeere ‘19: Fall sport tryouts are sooner than expected, and while some teams return to their normal traditional seasons, the cheer community is spicing things up with a new, fresh set of coaches and determination for a great future. The new Varsity coaches include, Laura Rienas, Jacqueline Delamielleure and Hannah Wendt, while the new Junior Varsity coaches include, Hannah Braun and Kristina Galba.

These coaches hold high standards and are willing to do whatever it takes to prepare their team to be their best. Varsity coach, Laura Rienas, is doing just that in providing optional workout trainings and regular coach meetings.

“We are getting ready by offering workouts for the month of May,” Rienas said. “We’re making changes by ordering new mats, mirrors, registering for camp, and just looking for new ways to coach, we have more meeting to discuss at.”

In Romeo Cheerleadings past, Laura Rienas partook as head-coach that led the team to State Champs in 2005, and also was 5th in the nation. This upcoming year, Rienas is returning for good.

“I feel the girls deserve more, and the coaching staff can offer that now.” Rienas said. “The timing was great for me because my daughters are older and in their own sport now,”

With major changes on the way, the staff and team have plenty to look forward to.

“I’m excited to work with new staff, Jacqueline and Hannah are former cheerleaders. I’m also excited to make Romeo Cheer big again,” Rienas said. “We will bring back old traditions and do everything we can to be successful.”

The future is unknown, but with set goals and hard work in years to come, the future seems bright for Romeo Cheer.

“This year is a rebuilding year. The goal for this year is to get girls interested, have fun and love the sport again.” Rienas said. “We are also really looking for opportunities the girls can participate in,”

Not only do the coaches have aspirations for the cheerleading future of Romeo, but the past cheerleaders do as well.

“I think it [the teams] will improve a lot because we will be pushed harder and gain more skills as a team.” Alivia Cucchiara ‘21 said. “ I am most excited for cheering with my team again under the lights, and we are all excited to have such a great coach who took the team to be state champs in the past.”

While underclassmen cheerleaders get to continue their loved sport with these new coaches for a couple more years, the upcoming seniors are ending strong.

“I’m excited because Mrs. Rienas and Jacqueline brought in such a positive attitude last year when we needed it. I think we will have a great attitude and will strive to be the best we can.” Payton Miller ‘19 said. ” It’s crazy that it will already be my senior year but I will be ending my high school cheer with a great team and coaches.”

Romeo Cheerleading is looking up and tryouts are only around the corner. If you are interested in becoming a cheerleader, tryout and become a part of the Romeo Cheerleading family.  With hope, hard work and love for the sport, nothing but good will come from the upcoming seasons.

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