BrookeLynn Tremblay ‘17- On August 21st, Romeo teacher Dawn Borlinghaus gave birth to her new baby daughter. Leaving on maternity leave for the next eight weeks, students are left in the hands of the well-renowned substitute, Mrs. Colombo.

Colombo has a past in teaching, starting at Grosse Pointe High as a teacher and basketball coach, taking her team to regionals. She worked for five years and took a break to start her family. It wasn’t until her children reached middle school that she began substituting at Dakota and soon teaching for them as well. Now, as a substitute at Romeo Senior High School, Colombo plans to shed her wisdom on dealing with the stresses of high school and keeping a beneficial mindset.

“People who tell you these are the best years of your life are lying to you. It’s tough. If a genie said I could have it back I’d say no thanks,” Colombo said.

Teaching both Financial Management and Personal Family Dynamics for Mrs. Borlinghaus, Colombo owns personal experiences in both curriculums. Parenting two daughters, paying for college and planning weddings, Colombo’s prior knowledge on both subjects is immense.

“I may never use Archimedes Principle again, but I know I’ll use financial planning and financial management,” Colombo said.

When her first daughter reached the age of 4, her husband thought to hire a financial planner to help them save for their children’s future.

“We had this goal that whatever children we had we were going to be put through college,” Colombo said. “They were not going to graduate in debt.”

Though their budget was tight, both of her daughters graduated without debt, and were able to have the wedding of their dreams.

All of this came to fruition, because Colombo considered her finances and hired a professional with the knowledge, Romeo students are lucky to learn from her. In the midst of planning for the future of her daughters, Colombo prepares her students for their future as well.

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