BrookeLynn Tremblay ‘16 – The TNT Martial Arts studio has been home to several members of the Romeo community. Among several RHS students in attendance is teacher Jennifer Boggio, who recently joined them in mastery by achieving her black belt.

“In school I’m their teacher, but in the studio they were mine,” Boggio said.

Her inspiration began with her daughter, who took on karate through Romeo Parks and Rec at age 4. Watching her practice sparked an interest in Boggio who decided it would be a great way to keep herself both healthy and occupied. What began as a hobby turned into full commitment, and when her rank grew higher she realized it was beneficial to push herself to the limit.

“It started for something to do and stuck with it. When I got my blue belt-which is considered advanced class-I realized like, ‘You’re heading towards this’,” Boggio said.

TNT students begin every class with stretches and cardio, and with a variety of blocks and kicks to learn, strenuity varied on a regular basis. The class involves memorization of combinations and form, keeping Boggio on her toes and promoting strong mental health.

From her start in 2009, to obtaining her black belt in 2016, Boggio has come a long way. The support of fellow students, along with the mental gain involved, have contributed to her overall success.
“There are team aspects to it, but it is also an individual sport so it helps to take your mind off everything else,” Boggio said. “When you’re there, you’re there.”

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