Cambell Geibel ‘21: A softball player walks up to bat and on the first swing she hits a home run out of the park. Jumping up and down, waving her hands in the air, Roxanne Anderson stands by third base, cheering the player on as she rounds the bases. Anderson, a teacher of 21 years at Romeo High School also doubles as a coach for the JV Softball team. In total, she coached for ten years before taking a break to enjoy her children growing up. However, she returns this year for the 2019 season with a passion and readiness to get back into the coaching scene.

“The opportunity was there and things just fell into place,” Mrs. Anderson said. “I’ve been wanting to get back into the coaching game for the past couple years and this was just the perfect opportunity.”

Throughout her life, Anderson grew up loving softball and even played on the team at Macomb Community College when she got older. Missing the game dearly, coaching Romeo’s JV team helps keep her involved in the softball community.

An exciting couple of weeks so far, her comeback season shows the team continuously pushing through challenging games with Anderson as their leader. In one of the team’s first games, they beat their rival Eisenhower in a close battle by a score of 5-4.

“The Ike game was definitely one of my favorite memories so far this season, it was so great to see all the players come together and rise up in one common goal and it felt great to beat them,” Anderson said.

Throughout her long career as both a coach and a teacher, Anderson knows what works and what fails and she applies her experience to make herself the best coach possible.
“I would describe my coaching style as just really encouraging, I’m not one of those coaches who are going to get really angry and upset about every little mistake,” Anderson said. “My main goal is to help the players grow and get better and I just think the best way to do that is to be caring and kind to my players.”

Overall the Romeo Softball program welcomes Mrs. Anderson back with open arms and thanks her for the great coaching skills and happiness she brings to the girls, parents, and other coaches involved in the program.

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