Marina Belloli ‘19: The 33rd Annual Macomb County Outstanding Teacher of the Year award prevails not only as a great achievement but also as a symbol of greatness. Mr. Taubitz, teacher at Romeo High School won the Teacher of the Year Award for 2019. With joy and happiness that comes with the award, he feels grateful for where he stands today.

Around the end of March, Mr. Osebold surprised to Mr. Taubitz with the news before school.

“It felt really awesome especially when I looked and there were several of my freshman academy staff members there.  They all knew about it and kept it a secret, they were all clapping and laughing,” said Taubitz.

As the amazing feeling of winning this award continues, Mr. Taubitz attended the ceremony on Wednesday, April 17.

“The Banquet was a really nice dinner at the MISD building and they talked about each teacher. There was a picture and a description about their years of teaching,” said Taubitz.

Each teacher awarded recieved a little presentation about their journey in education. It showcased their achievements and some heart filled notes from previous students.

“They had letters that the kids had written about them and there were letters of recommendation about me,” Taubitz said. “Some were from high schoolers and some were from elementary so it was cool seeing what they had to say and learn about each other”.

Mr. Taubitz, one of the best teachers in Romeo High School achieved the best and still works hard for the new Ninth Grade Academy. All his efforts towards the Academies paid off and pushed him for the better.

“I have a great support staff and I couldn’t have gotten here without them,” Taubitz said.

Congratulations to Mr. Taubitz on all his accomplishments.

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