Ryan Medley ‘17: Erwin Slava, in his 44th year of teaching here at Romeo High School, received quite the Christmas gift. At 10 o’clock on Christmas morning there was a knock at Slava’s door and three of his students greeted him with a box of letters written by cherished students.

“It was Christmas morning and I heard a knock on the door and saw three of my students right there,” Slava said. “I was shocked.”

Returning into his home full of excitement, Slava read through all his letters filled with happiness.

“As I was opening the letters i was getting tears in my eyes. My son wondered if someone wrote something bad. It was just the opposite I told him.”

Seniors, Kyle Finos, Joey Schneider and Ethan Ross were an integral part of organizing and delivering the gift for Mr. Slava.

“Slava does so much for us, it really pales in comparison to what we do for him,” Finos said. “I thought the letters were a perfect gift because everyone wouldn’t have to take much time out of their day.”

Any monetary or material gift is great, but letters are truly special. Mr. Slava can look at back years from now and reminisce.

“Getting those letters was the most precious and heart rending gift a teacher could receive,” Slava said.

Mr. Slava is truly grateful for the letters he received, and all of his students are beyond appreciative of his kind nature and his amazing passion for teaching.

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