Macy Manchester ‘18: Every year, the National Football League hosts a game between the winner of the National Football Conference and the American Football Conference, also known as the Super Bowl. Fans anxiously watch football the whole season, predicting who they think will be in the Super Bowl. The 52nd annual Super Bowl in 2018 is scheduled to take place on February 4 in Minneapolis, Minnesota at U.S Bank Stadium.

Government teacher at Romeo, Dave Robertson is one of the thousands that will be lucky enough to attend the biggest game during the NFL season.

Mr. Robertson, an avid football fan, won tickets to the Lions game on New Year’s Eve and further got entered into another raffle for a chance to win tickets for Super Bowl LII. Waiting for the name of the winner to be announced, Robertson sat hopeful. After hearing his name, Robertson was ecstatic to find out that he had won, Robertson could still not believe that he would be attending Super Bowl LII in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

“I can’t believe I won tickets,” Robertson said. “It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity that anyone would be so lucky to have.”

Robertson won two tickets and plans to take his step-dad to Minnesota, who attended the game that Robertson won the tickets. Winning the raffle not only includes the game tickets, but also airfare and hotel room fees, all expenses paid.

“I am most excited to see who will be playing in the game,” Robertson said. “However, I hope it will be the New Orleans Saints and Pittsburgh Steelers.”

Congratulations to Mr. Robertson on his lucky win. Tune in for the annual game on Sunday, February 4.

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