Ryan Medley ‘17: Romeo High School added a new teacher second semester, Mr. Mathis. Fresh into his teaching career, Mathis graduated from Central Michigan University and teaches English classes, specifically English 10. Mathis couldn’t be more excited to be a part of Romeo High School.

“I am excited to have my own classroom, own students, own books and to be a part of the school not just in the school getting to know people,” Mathis said.

Hoping to land in a good school district, Mathis is very thankful to own a job in Romeo after almost two years searching.

“I love the sense of belonging and everyone proud to be at their school, charity week, and the smaller district size,” Mathis said.

Being such an important influence and role model for all students, Mr. Mathis hopes to send kids in the right direction following their passion just the way he did.

“If every year I can affect one person and get them to follow their passion, that’s my goal,” Mathis said.

Mathis plans to try and bring a neat perspective to daily classroom activities and have a lot of fun doing it. Mathis enjoys many artists like Chance The Rapper and Green Day. He loves baseball and is a big time Batman fan. Young and fresh right out of college, Mr. Mathis will be able to connect with students on a whole new level. As Mr. Mathis embarks on his first days here at Romeo High School, make sure to give him a warm welcome.

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