Myers ‘22: Every year, Romeo High school holds a competition called Mr. Bulldog where several junior and senior student boys compete in multiple games, challenges, and races to hold the title crown of becoming Mr. Bulldog for the rest of the year. 

The Mr. Bulldog competition, held on February 7, 2022, saw 11 contestants compete for the crown. The competition started off with multiple games and races. Some games include relay races and finish the lyrics.  Each contestant prepared a special talent that they kept hidden from judges and spectators until the finals. With eliminations between each round after judges keep track of points for each contestant, four boys found the opportunity to blow the judges out of the water. 

The judges based their points on the boys’ attitude, effort, personality, and responses to questions asked. The boys practiced weeks in advance to impress the judges and see if they had what it took to take home the crown. Jack Stager ‘22, one of the hosts for Mr. Bulldog, explained his thoughts prior to the event. “This competition is going to be way better this year, especially due to the covid restrictions compared to last year. People have been waiting for this opportunity for years and the guys’ enthusiasm is like no other, and I’m so excited to be able to host back to back years,” Stager said. With Jack’s experience in hosting and the talents he saw from past competitions, he was beyond confident that no one would want to miss this contest.

Mr. Bulldog’s history spans over 12 years and Romeo holds this tradition close to their hearts. Everyone within this competition took it beyond serious and worked harder than imaginable to make it to the finals. These boys still remain so thankful to remember their opportunity to share these memorable moments amongst their community, peers and classmates. Matt Jackman ’22 shared his eagerness to perform prior to the show. “I’m so excited to show off my talents, it’s getting me beyond excited. My brother did it 3 years ago and won so I have a legacy I need to carry on!” Jackman said. The talent Jackman performed that night definitely turned out to be like no other.

After a long night of hard work and intense competition, the judges finally voted on their 2022 Mr. Bulldog: Jason Sackfield ‘22. Through all his hard work and dark jokes, Jason’s effort finally paid off. “I was not expecting to win at all, but I had a really good time and glad we raised so much for charity,” Sackfield said. 

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