Riley Murdock ’15 – While all possess backstories, few compare to the winding, diverse, and all around fascinating origins of Adam Krstich ‘15. Born in Mexico and adopted by Ukrainian and Serbian parents, Krstich truly personifies the American “melting pot”.

Krstich shares his home with his siblings Alex ‘16 and Jenna ‘16, as well as his 25 year old adoptive brother, Kyle. Alex and Jenna share the same mother as Adam.

“I have many other birth siblings that were adopted into other homes after us,” Krstich said.

Krstich’s family lived in Troy before relocating to Romeo in January of 2013. As his background extends to both Mexico and Ukraine, the recent crises in these countries affect his family in an abundance of ways.

“The recent events in Ukraine bother me, mainly because I have family over there and have actually lost some,” Krstich said. “I really feel like (Mexico) is making vast improvements in what society tolerates, and although there are still headlines on drug cartels and other unfortunate things in today’s papers, it is a country with hope and promise, near and dear to my heart.”

Krstich’s linguistic command is just as varied as his ancestry; in addition to Spanish and English, Krstich speaks Ukrainian and Mandarin Chinese fluently.

“My family influenced me learning Ukrainian, and it is quite a unique language,” Krstich said. “However, I personally chose to learn Mandarin when I was going into 5th grade, and started taking intense immersion courses with my school before moving to Romeo. It seemed like an impressive language to learn.”

A devout Mormon, Krstich’s faith plays a major part in his life. Baptized at birth as an Orthodox Christian and later baptized into the Jewish faith, Krstich embarked on a spiritual journey through the length of his life.

“I researched a lot about Islam and Buddhism and Hinduism, since a lot of my friends were of those faiths,” Krstich said. “However, when I got into high school I started to lean back towards my Christian roots.”

Krstich searched for his spiritual calling for most of his life, and is happy with where he’s found it.


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