Taylor Demeere ‘19: If you are a Snapchat user, then you’ve probably received the new update. Some claim the update is an improvement, while others claim otherwise. How do you feel towards the new design?

Some of the new features include: a wide variety of Bitmoji looks, new text sizes and fonts, and the biggest change; a whole new layout. Within this layout “snapchat stories” and actual snapchats exist on the same page, and in the same “snap”. A variety of people would say this is a convenience, but most seem to keep complaining non-stop.

Our own students took this update as a dilemma.

“The update sucks because every time I open up a snap it gets moved down to the bottom,” Brett Miller ‘20 said. “The new stories are also very inconvenient, I wish the old layout would come back.”

Although the majority of our community agrees with the fact that Snapchat took an “L” on this update, there is the slight population that thinks the new update contains certain qualities that improve our overall experience.

“The good part is easier with the new Bitmojis,” Eric Meldrum ‘19 said. “You can see who you’re snapchatting and what they look like. It is easier to open and operate snapchats.”  

There have been speculations all over Twitter that Snapchat Headquarters will eventually change the layout back to the original look, in addition to adding back some old, favored features.

With the looks of it, the country seems to simply want the old Snapchat back for convenience, along with good memories.

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