Jenna Knepper ‘21 and Carlina Parrinello ‘21: Third hour comes to an end and two familiar voices fill the school every morning at 10:28 am. Austin Trost ‘19 and Nick Matthews ‘19 dedicate their time to informing the school on new events. Working together to run the announcements, Trost and Matthews take leadership by broadcasting to the school.

“I got into the school announcements by theatre, every now and then they will pass it down to the younger generation,” Nick Matthews ‘19 said.

“I told Nick that if he ever needed help I would do it and that’s how I got into it,” Austin Trost ‘19 said.

Standing with one another, they share roles in this process. Getting information from the office, Trost and Matthews spread the information to the rest of the students. Sports, fundraising, student life, and etc; they know the insight on the Romeo Community.

“One, I like to get out of class early. Two, I like to do what I love,” Matthews said.

“Doing the announcements is a really nice down time to have fun,” Trost said.

Working together, Trost and Matthews love spreading news to the rest of the students. They became passionate about doing the announcements and plan on going farther in life with it.

“I want to be a sports broadcaster and this is a good segway into it,” Matthews said.

Thankful for the opportunity, the two students broadcast new updates to the student body. Matthews and Trost use their talents and personalities to speak in front of the whole school with little preparation.

“We usually get a list from the people in the office and sometimes we get stuff on the fly,” Trost said.

As next semester comes around the corner, Nick Matthews and Austin Trost keeps the entirety of Romeo High School informed.

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