Alicia Arnold ’14 – Student Life

For the class of 2014, it’s finally senior year. Students finally have the opportunity to take more classes in subjects they’re interested in rather than just fill requirement.

“Senior year is my favorite year because it’s my last year in highschool and I want to make it a fun year and the best one yet,” Haylee Murray (12) said.

Some students use this as an opportunity to take classes outside of the general “core,” like Team Sports and EMT, others are taking AP classes to earn college credits through the AP exam.

“I am taking AP Calculus and AP Spanish because I took Algebra One and Spanish One when I was in 8th grade and figured I should go as far as I can with them,” George Wilson (12) said.

Not only are students taking just one or two, some students are loading up with four or five.

“I am taking AP Physics, AP Calculus, AP Biology, and AP Literature. I took physics, calculus, and biology because I know that my career will be somewhere in the engineering field. I took literature because it would be nice to get out of an English class in college,” Mitchell O’Hair (12) said.

With four AP classes, O’Hair has around three hours of homework a night.

“I stay up late. I lose a lot of sleep but I can catch up on the weekends,” O’Hair said.

Senior year can be used as a blow-off year, or it can be a year to get ahead and earn college credit.

Above: Senior Mitchell O’Hair studies for AP Literature.


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