Alexandria Malcolm ‘17 – Starting with the Class of 2017, it is no longer required for juniors in the state of Michigan to take the in-school ACT. The standardized test is now a modified version of the SAT. Although most schools still encourage students to take the ACT outside of school, all in-school preparation is now geared towards the SAT. Some students favor this change and welcome the SAT with all it’s new curriculum, but others upset with the fact that the state changed the requirements so late into the juniors education.

“I think that changing to the SAT is in a way a waste because all this time we have been preparing for the ACT,” Kamryn Hugo ‘17 said. “And now this year we are taking the SAT, which I hear is slightly different.”

Although no matter whether it is the ACT or SAT, this test marks a major milestone for mosts educational careers and determines the eligibility for most colleges for a single individual. Erica Labaere ‘16 stood in the same position this time last year, and recognizes how crucial preparation time was.

“I prepared by taking a prep class at Macomb, and I learned a lot of tips and tricks about how to take the test,” Erica Labaere ‘16 said. “I also did a lot of research on ways to get a high score.”

This year, Romeo High School is offering a practice SAT on October 14. This practice tests gives juniors a chance to get a feel for what the testing situation will be like, and it will be taken as seriously as the actual test. The idea of this PSAT is that based on a single student’s test scores, they will have a personalised study resource to go to on to help with their weak subjects.

In addition to the practice SAT that is set to take place in the coming weeks, students find other sources outside of school that can better prepare them.

“I plan to take a prep classes and get notes from my older sister, she took the ACT three years ago,” Morgan White ‘17 said.

This year’s SAT testing is set to take place the week of April 12, 2016.


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