Megan Ferguson ‘19 and Marina Belloli ‘19: As the end of the first semester approaches, many students prepare studying for their exams. From AP World History to Ceramics, each student requires an individual, unique way to ace these huge tests.

“I spend probably, a solid, at least ten hours studying for exams. I reread all my notes and if I don’t understand something I watch videos,” Amanda Haio ‘19 said. “I’m most nervous about my AP Bio because Bio is one of the hardest classes I’ve taken in high school.”

With an unlimited amount of ways to study, it’s best to begin early and lay out a plan.

“I plan out my week according to what day the test is and I try to study and review for that test the night before. I use kahoot if my teachers make it for me but I will use quizlet for my vocab quizzes,” Ruby Weber ‘19 said. “I will probably study more for my STAT test because it is a practice AP test, but it actually counts as a grade.”

Although studying for midterms possibly leads to an extensive amount of stress, knowing what tactics work best for you aids in achieving success when testing day arrives.

“I study by opening up my folders and getting out my notes and looking at the main terms and concepts that I have to study,” Will Gaborek ‘19 said. “I look them over to try and memorize them to get them stuck in my head”

Preparing for exams remains essential to receive a great score.  Whether using Quizlet, Kahoot, or flashcards, there’s an unlimited amount of resources to use while beginning to study.

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