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As the first exams of the 2013-14 school year wait for RHS students of all ages, the R News Senior Editors wanted to lend some advice as to what we’ve learned after experiencing this stressful week for three years.

  1. Sleep: Studying until 3 A.M. will do you no good when you can’t even hold a pencil right or keep your eyes open the next morning. Don’t think that caffeine will fix that; it will only make the crash harder to handle once the caffeine wears out. A UCLA behavioral science study proved sacrificing sleep to study to be “counterproductive”. Manage your time and go to bed on time.

  2. Eat Well: You’re putting yourself through a lot of mental exertion this week, make sure there’s enough fuel in you to keep going. Eat a good breakfast before your exams; besides the kid next to you tapping their leg rapidly, nothing is more distracting than your stomach growling midway through that test.

  3. STUDY: As shocking as this may be, it actually works.  You may think you remember everything and reviews are just a waste of paper, but you don’t want to have that sinking feeling when you draw a complete blank on the polyatomic ions. As seniors, we have seen how much studying really does help, especially as we prepare for college, its easier to start a good habit sooner than later.

  4. Dress comfortable: This may come as a surprise, but almost everyone is just as stressed as you are; no one is going to care if you took 20 minutes or two hours getting ready for a day of exams. We’re focusing on our test, not how cute you look.

  5. Take time to relax this week: Don’t shove your face in a book the second you get home and forget to come up to breathe. Drowning yourself in information 24/7 will only cause you to sink instead of swim.  Take a step back, walk away from the reviews, and relax.  You’ll study better once you’ve gotten some fresh air.

  6. Don’t Stress: Even though these exams are important, its not the end of the world! Do your best and come prepared. Exams are part of high school, they are stressful, but they are nothing to make yourself sick over.

Good Luck,

R News Senior Editors

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