Jenna Knepper ‘21: In accordance with Governor Whitmer’s stay home, stay safe order, families across Michigan wait patiently in their homes with anticipation for the day they can see friends and extended family again. These days may come soon, as the number of coronavirus patients in Michigan finally decreases. 

Dr. Marisa joined Governor Whitmer and Dr. Khaldun to explain the importance of caution when it comes to engaging business and social events again in order to avoid an even more deadly second peak of the virus.

“It’s really important to think about staged reengagement and careful monitoring so we can track and handle any increases in epidemic spread that might happen,” stated Dr. Marisa on Fox 2 Detroit.

With such varying possible outcomes, a decision for dates and details on reopening becomes a difficult and tedious task. Multiple businesses around Michigan such as Weigand’s plant nursery join the Michigan Nursery and Landscape association in an attempt to sue the Governor. 

Forced to close in accordance with Governor Whitmer’s orders leaves businesses around Michigan with no money and lots of thrown away products. It becomes apparently more and more difficult to keep everyone healthy while keeping companies in business. 

“We have lost revenue, employees that are laid off that we’re trying to take care of, unused inventory, customer retention issues, that really is a problem,” said Chris Welton, a lawn care business owner, part of lawsuit against Whitmer. 

On April 17th, the lawsuit, filed by Attorney John Bursch, stated the unfair treatment landscaping businesses received following the Governors orders for their temporary closure. 

The order specifically allows public employees to mow the grass and trim branches and things like that in public parks while prohibiting private businesses from doing the same for compensation,” Stated Bursch, “What’s sad about this is, there are elderly and infirmed Michiganders out there who need their grass taken care of and because they can’t hire out these services, they’re starting to get public-nuisance orders from their local government, because their grass is too long. So, what we need is a dose of common sense here in the midst of the stay-at-home order.”

With many differing opinions, it becomes a contentious task to re-engage businesses and respond to lawsuits. As Governor Whitmer continues to address the state of Michigan on our next steps, it seems the most important step is to simply stay safe and wait.

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