Tyler Holman ‘19: Michael Cardamone ‘19 finished as the number two ranked student in the Romeo High School senior class. Named Macomb County All-Academic earlier this month, Cardamone remains a fantastic academic role model for his fellow students.

“I like to see all of my hard work that I have put into school for my whole life is paying off,” Cardamone said. “I am excited to start the next chapter of my academic career through college and I hope to have the same success that I have had in high school.”

Cardamone received acceptance into the University of Michigan and plans to attend the prestigious university next school year to study an undetermined type of engineering.

“As such a great academic school I am excited because I know I will be completely set up for life as long as I keep up the work ethic,” said Cardamone. “I like the idea of being with all kids that were elite kids at their high school because it will present more challenges to stand up but I feel like I am ready for it.”

Michael remains very humble about everything that he accomplished including finishing all of high school with a GPA above perfect. Combine that with above average scores on his SAT and ACT. Cardamone exemplifies hard work to all students who aspire to someday attend the University of Michigan.

Congratulations to Michael on all his achievements and Rnews wishes him the best of luck throughout his future endeavors.

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