He said:

Max Lucci ‘16 – Musician, artist, designer, and producer are only a few of the titles that Kanye West holds. To degrade someone who is chasing their dreams and climbing the social ladder with creativity is utterly wrong and ultimately a defamation of character.

Kanye has been attacked for his controversial spoken word as well as his pretentious attitude. West is the wheels of the rap music machine and without his production ability and creativity it simply couldn’t run.

The latest attack on Kanye came from the anarchist group “Anonymous,” or more frequently known as Anon. By attacking Kanye they are only backing up his beliefs on negative press and pulling in more attention. By repeatedly bringing his name to the surface this group has only caused more talk and provoked fans and naysayers alike.

It’s hard to disagree that Kanyes outspoken attitude is needed in todays sugar coated candy land. In a world where everyone is constantly walking on eggshells, having someone ride the line of controversy and speak freely is not only entertaining but also admirable.

Kanye preaches his beliefs and it’s clear by now that no one is going to change the way he thinks. He brings up problems with our society that others choose to avoid, or are too afraid to acknowledge. While this brings a lot of negative press, there are still listeners who agree and and follow him even closer because of it.

“I think Kanye West is a god. His drive to push the boundaries of creativity is an inspiration to all of us.” Vinnie Lantzy ‘17 said.

Instead of conforming to trends and typical celebrity ways he chooses to stand out and create the fashion he wants to wear, the music he wants to hear. He has created so much more than just music and shoes. His brand is the absolute essence of freedom and expression. At this point no anonymous social media hype is going to deteriorate his thought process, and it’s foolish to think otherwise.

His followers love his outspoken attitude and believe that in todays society it is impossible not to offend anyone with your words, so say what you’re going to say without the fear of what others may think.

She said:

Megan Vandeberghe ‘16 – While many turn away from Kanye after a few uncalled for outbursts, some of his fans consistently hold true. However, a recent encounter with the international network “Anonymous” has left him nearly speechless.

By no means do I find Kanye ignorantly rude or unknowingly outspoken. I do, however, see him as intentionally rude, ignorant, and outspoken, but don’t take this the wrong way, because I mean it in a positive manner

Allow me to explain further: every celebrity needs a hook. Whether its Taylor Swift with her angelic aura or Miley Cyrus with her girl-gone-wild attitude, they all need something to catch the public’s eye. When it comes to Kanye, it’s his ill-behaved mannerisms. After all, there’s no such thing as bad publicity. So he’ll speak his mind and offend certain viewers, all the while smiling on the inside because he knows that people are tuning in, be it for positive reasons or not.

As for the confrontation initiated by Anonymous, they weren’t by any means in the wrong. They have the right to say as they please as long as it isn’t infringing with Kanye’s pursuit of happiness.

“I feel like the whole situation will have some kind of effect on Kanye,” Tanya Dhuna (‘16) said. “I think he might step back and out of social media for a while and wait for the situation to calm down.”

Kanye West’s ego is too big to allow an interest group to break him down; he sees it all as sticks and stones (if he sees it at all, that is). However, even if this causes him to step out of the spotlight for a while, he’s bound to come back with a new hit to sweep the nation, and knock the naysayers off their feet.

The whole skirmish really isn’t a big deal in the first place because both parties are too solidly rooted in themselves to waver. So, Kanye, keep doing what you’re doing. No hate is spewing from this corner.



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